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COVID-19 Protocols

Being a small exclusive B&B establishment of only 4 well-spaced rooms, we are situated on the mountainside overlooking Fish Hoek away from mainstream accommodations, and offer a low risk Covid-19 environment. We are owner managed, live on site and have only one live-in staff member. The layout of the rooms and building is conducive to comfortable guest separation and social distancing.

In addition to our normal high standards of hygiene that we always apply in our establishment, in order to provide our guests with peace of mind, and mitigate the risk of contracting the Corona virus by any of our valued guests, our staff and ourselves, we have adopted the following Covid-19 protocols as recommended by the Tourism Business Council Of South Africa:

Owners and Staff

  • Daily health screening and temperature monitoring.
  • Proper and frequent hand sanitizing.
  • Regular training and re-training to ensure proper understanding of Covid-19 and the most effective mitigating measures.
  • Owners and staff wear appropriate PPE including, but not limited to, face masks and disposable gloves and aprons, and are trained in correct donning, doffing and disposal procedures.
  • Having at hand contact numbers of health authorities, testing centers, public and private hospitals.


  • Upon arrival, a mandatory temperature check, hand sanitizing with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and face mask are required before entrance is permitted to the B&B. (No guest will be admitted who is not wearing a face mask).
  • Industry recommended medical & travel declaration is to be provided prior to or on arrival by guests.
  • Appropriate physical distancing is required during check-in and check-out process, and we may stagger guest arrival times to assist in achieving this.
  • We endeavour to make the check in process as “touchless” as possible.
  • Guests are required to wear face masks at all times, except when in their room or on their patio.
  • Single use masks will be provided should a guest arrive without a mask.
  • In the event of a guest developing symptoms during their stay, we will immediately direct them to the nearest testing facility, and should the test prove positive, institute all recommended processes as recommended by the Tourism Business Council of South Africa.


  • We make up rooms daily. However, guests can opt to forego room makeup and do this themselves, should they feel more comfortable doing so.
  • No guest may be present in the room with our staff during room makeup.
  • Optional reduced linen change frequencies.
  • All linen is laundered off premises in accordance with SANS 10146.
  • Surface sanitizing in rooms and bathrooms with alcohol-based disinfectant, particularly high touch surfaces such as remote controls, light switches, hair dryer and door and cupboard handles, safe keypad etc.
  • In addition to our usual guest toiletries and amenities, hand sanitizer will also be provided in-room for guest use.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing of bedrooms and bathrooms will be carried out after each guest departure.
  • Rooms will be rested for at least 1 day after each guest departure, to ensure that this process is done diligently and not rushed.
  • Soft furnishings will be reduced to a minimum, and spare blankets, throws and pillows removed from rooms, but will remain available on request.

Common Areas

  • Regular surface sanitizing including but not limited to door handles, stair balustrade, light switches, and all other common touch areas.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is provided at both reception and guest entrance doors.
  • Appropriate physical distancing between guests is required in all common areas.
  • Breakfast tables will be distanced, and breakfast times for each room staggered to avoid congestion in the breakfast/coffee lounge.
  • Guests who have opted for on-site breakfast may alternatively, request that a breakfast tray be delivered to their room.

Hosts Sanchia and Ray are committed to providing a unique personalized and safe stay, and we wish for our guests to feel at home with peace of mind at all times. The above protocols should help us to achieve exactly that.

Any questions can be sent to us at 1mountainrd@mweb.co.za , and we will get back promptly with a response.

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